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10 Ideas for double bed with storage drawers and boxes

If you want to create extra space in the apartment? Especially in small apartments you need to be able to easily organize the space-saving corner to everyday life. If every thing has its own place, and there is plenty of space for a lot of things in the apartment, you can make the workday more pleasant.
The double bed with storage drawers is exactly what they need !! It looks nice, and creates just space as much as you want. You can build the drawers themselves and raise the bed or buy the under-bed drawers and them install them. In the double bed  storage box you can keep linens, stuffed pillows and blankets and extra-up space in the closet.We have great designs for you for the double bed with storage boxes and drawers together! Let yourself be inspired!

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Double bed with storage, bed with drawers

modern double bed with storage ideas – under bed drawers

Once you already have a regular bed and a small bedroom, and you don’t want to change it or buy a new one, the previous design of  black double bed with storage provides you with the solution, buy under bed drawers in the same color and material to put under the double bed you have.

platform bed with storage drawers and shelves
If you have a small kids room and your kids have too much toys without any place to store, you can buy a double bed with storage drawers and shelves or make these changes in the existed bed to solve this problem.

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modern double bed with storage drawers
double bed with drawers for bed linen storage
white double bed with large and small drawers
double bed with storage ideas for small bedrooms