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10 Original living room sofas for 2015

Living room sofa is the main piece of the living room furniture. Properly selected sofa provide comfortable rest and form the character of the entire living room. Therefore, this piece of furniture should be chosen very carefully. Luxury sofa would be made ​​of precious wood, and for their use upholstery leather, silk and velvet top quality.

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Unusual living room sofa designs

original living room sofa design made of wood

The last few years one of the leading places in the world furniture fashion living room sofas occupy an unusual shape. Unusual lines and materials, going beyond the usual – these sofas are a true masterpiece in the living room.

double living room sofa with functional design

large corner living room sofa does not lose its relevance. This model is perfect for a spacious rooms, body design provides comfort and design will create a feeling of comfort.

brown living room sofa in minimalism interior

modern living room sofa, in addition to progressive design, very easy to operate. Current models can easily be transformed into a wide bed. This option is perfect for those who would like to rationalize space.

gray upholstered living room corner sofa design