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25 purple bedroom ideas, curtains, accessories and paint colors

Did we mention how great is the importance of the bedroom of the apartment? The bedroom is the heart of the house. Therefore, we should not compromise and give our best for this room. This applies both for the selection of pieces of furniture, and for all the colors. In this sense, we want to focus your thoughts on a super cool idea. What do you think about a purple bedroom ? Would you like it? In our opinion, the purple bedroom ideas appear very affectionate. We are sure that you will be surprised when you see the numerous examples of purple bedroom ideas for curtains, wall painting, furniture and accessories look.

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There are a lot of purple tints and shades that can be combined beautifully with elegant furniture. Take a look at this interesting article and purple bedroom ideas!

Purple bedroom ideas, purple curtains, accessories, wall painting

purple bedroom ideas – patterned wall surrounded with light

minimalist interior with purple bedroom ideas of wall painting, it’s an open white bedroom with purple platform bed and patterned textiles, the idea in this purple bedroom is the patterned purple wall above the bed headboard and the false ceiling lights that make a glow around the main wall combined with the lampshades light make a great view for relaxing, it’s just the first one of 25 purple bedroom ideas.

purple bedroom curtains in white bedroom design

White modern bedroom design, white is the color of wall painting, furniture, false ceiling and the ceiling lights, just a modern bedroom needs a touch of purple to complete the great modern view, so it was a priority to install such purple bedroom curtains and bed linens.

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white purple bedroom paint color ideas
There are many purple bedroom ideas n this design, the main ideas is playing with the stencils between the purple wall and the other white, it’s really great combination, and there are purple bedroom curtains and textiles to complete this combination

white bedroom interior with purple bedroom wardrobe
purple bedroom ideas for girls – purple walls and white furniture

The previous two purple bedroom design ideas are different completely in the main ideas, the first is for white bedroom wall and purple bedroom wardrobe and textiles, but the second is on contrary, its for purple bedroom wall painting color and white girls room furniture, the two designs are suitable or girls, and purple as general is on of the preferable colors of the girls bedroom ideas. 

purple bedroom curtains in modern bedroom interior

purple bedroom curtains in modern bedroom interior

purple bedroom ideas – patterned bed linens with touch of purple

minimalist purple bedroom ideas, white room and purple wall and textiles
single purple wall in wooden room

single purple wall in wooden room

pale purple bedroom curtains and wall painting colors

pale purple bedroom curtains and wall painting colors

purple wallpaper

purple wallpaper ideas

 wallpaper ideas for purple women’s bedroom

 wallpaper ideas for women’s bedroom

purple bedroom ideas and purple wallpaper and curtains