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Charming English home with an atypical history

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 English home
unusual history of English house
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There is a widespread belief that the British – incredible snobs. They are very picky about the origin – of people and animals, things and houses. But sometimes there are happy exceptions. It is a journey – a vivid example of the striking creativity, to turn an old public building in old luxury mansion.

But everything – from the beginning.
Many purebred English homes clearly seen a certain style of construction – the medieval, Georgian style , Tudor, Edwardian or Victorian. The same house will not fit into any classification, because it was built at all like an apartment building.
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A few centuries ago it was a facility for military drill marches in the 19th century ( mid century kitchen design ) – and the secular dance halls, in the 20th century – the cinema. It was only a couple of decades ago, thanks to the efforts of previous owners of the building was demolished to make room for a garden, and construction – turned into a private home.
Today it live spouses Hassan, a tireless visionary Vicki and her husband, Andrew, helped his wife carry out all the ideas. Look what shape they purchased the house, which is especially surprising given the modest budget situation.

The house is located on a slope, so the majority of the living space is concentrated on the first floor. The previous owners started to internal conversion from that found huge French windows from floor to ceiling. The house was filled with light instantly.
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unusual history of English house
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current mistress, Vicki loves the old days, creativity, but does not like to save. Ancient walls, columns, doors and floors have been carefully restored by the previous owners, so she went to “ready”. But the purchase of furniture and decoration took a lot of time, because Vicky was sure such an unusual space deserves an equally unusual situation.

unusual history of English house
 English style interior
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Because the funds had not very much, most of the items – it’s either Grandma’s legacy (as, for example, a couple of chairs, Berger), or things from the auction eBay, inherited the hostess at a record-low prices. Some of the furniture was very shabby appearance, but in the capable hands of Vicki and her husband forgot charm was restored. Please note that furniture and decor a bit, but all that is perfectly fit into the interior.
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Today, as with the design of the house is finished, hobby Wiki – gather together and prepare a Sunday meal. They are developing a long menu, and then all involved in its implementation …
You say, well is not accepted, especially from the British? But in a house with such an unusual story it does not seem so strange. It’s – a fascinating game that delivers fun and guests and hosts …
In the back yard there are small houses – a gypsy caravan and Hobbit Castle, built by former owners for their children. Sadiq is filled with roses, hollyhocks and bushes arrows digitalis. And on the green grass lounging two happy cats undetermined breed.
As baleen-striped, this house can boast a perfect pedigree, but thanks to the love and creative vein hosts it turned into a charming and comfortable accommodation.

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unusual history of English house