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EPA Enforcing Lead Paint Laws – Maximum Penalty is $37,500.00 per violation per day! Contact us to find out if you need to be certified.

Most recently, on May 16, 2011, the EPA announced that a Rockland, Maine renovator is facing penalties related to alleged violations, which occurred in October 2010.  As per the EPA’s investigation, the contractor, who had personally completed the required RRP Rule eight-hour training class, failed to:  1) obtain firm certification from the EPA, 2) post warning signs, 3) contain the work area, 4) contain waste from the renovation activities, 5) properly train his co-workers, 6) prohibit the use of high-speed paint removal machines without HEPA exhaust control, and 7) establish and maintain records necessary to demonstrate compliance with the RRP Rule.  Remember, the maximum penalty for the alleged violations is up to $37,500.00 per violation per day!  Do you know how he was discovered?  The EPA received a tip, from someone across the street from the renovation, who took a video and posted it on the internet!  The EPA promises to follow through on tips, such as this example, to identify if violations have jeopardized public health.