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How to make built in LED floor lights in bathroom tiles

Bathroom LED floor lights – a great opportunity to give individuality and comfort to your bathroom. Detailed process works with illustrated instructions.

How to install LED floor tiles in the bathroom

To visually increase the small bathroom space, it is recommended to install floor tiles on the diagonal shape. In this example, there is another unusual bathroom floor idea. This LED floor lights in the bathroom, it is a perfect night illumination, which facilitates walking and makes a great charming atmosphere in the bathroom. If such a system is positioned correctly, the built in LED floor lights will illuminate well rapids and other obstacles, which can be tripped over.

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LED floor-lights in bathroom tiles (installation)

Next is the steps of installing the bathroom LED floor tiles lights
Step 1
bathroom LED floor lighting, bathroom tile installation

Of course, with a diagonal tiling ideal to use a laser measuring device – a protractor. Alas, there is one not yet boast that even professionals. Therefore, 45-degree angle stacking have to measure manually. Sample should first try to lay a few tiles “dry”, that is, without mortar, and mark their location.

LED floor lights – Step 2

LED floor lights technology, how to cut tiles

Solid floor tiles and cut her usual Tile diagonally is somewhat problematic. It is better to use for this purpose Tile wet cutting.

Bathroom LED floor lights Step 3

bathroom led floor lighting ideas – how to install

In the joints between the tiles there are stacked wire LED floor lighting system (such complete systems can be purchased at specialty stores).

Step 4
laying bathroom floor tiles after installing led lights

When you connect the cable for future LED floor backlight, start laying tiles on the floor .

LED floor lights, installation step by step
bathroom floor tile installation, black silicone solution

Black silicone solution is not in every hardware store, so it is worth to take care of the acquisition of such material in advance.

Remove excess black silicone. After 10-15 minutes, clean the tiles with a sponge trowel or a board with a sponge.

LED floor lights, creative bathroom lighting ideas

With built-in LED floor lights you can make an original bathroom floor. Of course, it does not be considered fully functional bathroom lighting, but in any case it’s seen as accent atmosphere of the bathroom.